It has rightfully been said that great customer experiences are the heart of every successful business. That is especially true of home service businesses where a company’s representatives and its customers are in a close service relationship. Customer experiences, good or bad, can make or break a business. Excellent and memorable customer experiences are critical for a company to achieve sustained growth because they result in customer retention, promote loyalty, and encourage brand advocacy. 

What is Customer Experience 

The term “customer experience” refers to the perceptions that a customer has of a company and its representatives. The act of using a company’s services and products provokes feelings about the company from the very beginning of a customer’s interaction with the brand all the way through the completion of the service, payment for the service, and any after-purchase communications or contact. It includes every aspect of the customer’s journey. 

Why Are Great Customer Experiences So Important? 

Great customer experiences are so important because today’s customers generally have a myriad of choices when it comes to service providers. Thus, it is totally within their power to choose someone else if they are not delighted with the services provided to them. Great customer experiences can easily help a brand stand out from its competitors, and drive increased customer acquisition, engagement, loyalty, retention, and ultimately business growth. 

A great experience for a new customer will impress that customer and help ensure that he/she will keep doing business with that company, thus making them a loyal customer. Note that a totally satisfied customer is reported to drive 2.6 times more revenue for a company than a dissatisfied customer. 

Individuals who have had great customer experiences become advocates for their favorite companies. Their word-of-mouth endorsements help others gain interest in a company and help them validate their service purchases. A community of advocates can be a powerful success propellant for any company. 

Great customer experiences can be especially helpful in tough times when a customer wants to have brands and relationships that they can trust. https://business.trustpilot.com/reviews/learn-from-customers/5-reasons-why-customer-experience-is-the-pulse-of-every-business  

How to Craft Exceptional Customer Experiences 

First, in today’s digital world, the first contact that a new customer will have with a service provider is with their web presence. So, it is critical to make that digital experience smooth, inviting, user-friendly, and oriented to drive action. It should include complete and transparent information about the company and its services, reviews, and positive customer service stories. And it should enable easy online booking. Also, it is important to identify what communication channels your customers use most. 

Second, great service personnel are critical to achieving great customer experiences. So, make sure that frontline employees are well-trained, well-equipped, and backed by a supportive company culture.  

Third, make sure that all service personnel know how to personalize their service. Great service goes beyond simple service delivery. If service is simply delivered at a bare minimum level, you’ve likely lost a potentially delighted customer. Make sure that service personnel know how to apply active listening. Customers need to feel valued, listened to, and appreciated. Service personnel can certainly benefit by knowing a customer’s comments, opinions, and questions. 

Fourth, get data so you can analyze customer service. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys so you can examine how your service personnel are performing. Use that data to analyze the rate of and reasons for customer churn. Ask customers for their service or product requests. 

Fifth, identify customer’s pain points and opportunities for service improvements. Then, correct the things that are necessary. You will want to make sure that customer experiences are in line with the brand’s promises. 

Sixth, be sure to address your employees’ experiences. If you have great employee experiences, that will go a long way to achieving great customer experiences. 

Seventh, get expert coaching assistance to help you achieve a higher level of business success. 

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