Must Watch: Kevin Harrington Endorses Jim Clark of Blue Diamond Consultants.

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One-on-one coaching for home service business owners 


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Kevin Harrington Endorses Jim Clark of Blue Diamond Consultants.

“I’ve learned the skills and strategies of growing and exiting a business, and I’ve enjoyed some big wins because of it. Not everyone has this skillset, and it’s even rarer in the home service industry. But Jim Clark is nailing it and sharing everything he’s learned to grow and exit a service business.”

core values

Guiding Clarity

At our core, we prioritize and uphold the value of clarity in all that we do.  We believe that transparency and precision are essential for fostering understanding, building trust, and achieving excellence.

Collaborative Brilliance

We recognize that the most exceptional solutions arise from diverse perspectives coming together.  Our team collaborates seamlessly, combining unique talents and insights to achieve brilliance in innovation and strategy.

Integrity Illuminated

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior. Just as Blue Diamond’s clarity shines brightly, our integrity guides every decision and action, fostering trust and building lasting relationships.

Brilliance through Synergy

Our core value of Brilliance through Synergy encapsulates our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and innovative problem-solving. We stand out by creating exceptional value for our clients through the power of synergy.

Has Your Home Service Business Hit a Profit Plateau?

Are you stuck taking service calls instead of building your business?

Are you ready to take control of your business operations?

Do you know how to maximize your company's value?

Are you building legacy wealth?

Are you making the money you need to lead the life you want?

Will you be able to retire or pay for your kid’s college?

Do you often wonder, "Why isn't my business growing?"

Are you working nonstop and not seeing results?

Are you looking to sell your business in the future?

Do you know what an investor is looking for?

Was your business one of the 45% of deals that did not close?

Were you told you weren’t ready and don’t know where to turn?

We understand…and you are not alone.

Coaching to Tackle Your Biggest Business Challenges

You’ve worked hard to build your business. You deserve the confidence of consistent cash flow, the ability to sell your business on your terms, and the opportunity to create wealth.

Get specific resources to grow your business and position yourself for a profitable sale. Access expert advice on topics to build financial literacy, operational excellence, and sales success to help maximize your business’s value. 

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Learn the Secrets to Working On Your Business Instead of Working In Your Business

1. Sign up for a free information session.

      Learn how business coaching can set you up for success. 

2. Get individualized coaching.

       Work with your coach to develop strategies and solutions specific to your business needs.

3. Push past the plateau and grow your business.

       When you’re able to devote time and energy to a bigger vision, your business will grow. 

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The founder of blue diamond consultants

Jim Clark built an HVAC business from the ground up. He implemented the processes and systems needed to successfully scale and sell his business. Now, Jim wants to help home service business owners like you reach their goals through one-on-one business coaching. 

You know exactly how to repair an HVAC unit. You’re a whiz at fixing toilets. Your landscaping work belongs in a magazine. But when it comes to knowing the best way to grow your business, you’re struggling. 

Don’t waste your time and money trying to grow your business on your own. Tap into our expertise so you can put your business on the fast track to growth and when you’re ready, have a profitable sale.

Jim Clark has been featured on…

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Blue Diamond Consultants founder Jim Clark discusses the key to leadership and building healthy company culture on The Service Business Mastery Podcast.

Take Care of Employees, and They Take Care of You

by The Service Business Mastery Podcast Featuring Jim Clark

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Blue Diamond Consultant’s coaches have gone through the struggles and the pain and learned all the steps to get to where they want to go and they sold their businesses. I don’t know that all the coaches in the world have experience like that. For me, it’s fun to pick a Blue Diamond coach’s brain and learn from their expertise.

Gregg Helin

Owner & President, Northern Services

Having a coach and somebody guiding you is going to take time off of what it takes to get there. We all know it takes years to build a business and to get to the point where you’re selling that business. Having a good coach is going to save you so much time. These coaches are real. I would just tell people to get on the phone with them and you’ll see quickly that they can help you.

Dwayne Willard

CEO, Champion Services, Inc.

Blue Diamond Consultant coaches are genuine. They’re the ones who are going to basically get you to the next level and whatever money you spend with them, you’re going to get it back in tenfold.

Jason Kirby

CEO, J & J Services

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If you…

Know your business has the potential to be more profitable.

Lack confidence on the next decisions and right steps for your business.

Stress about missing out on family time because you’re working so much.

Feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day tasks of running your business.

Worry you can’t afford to retire because all the money is going to the business.


Aren’t sure where to get legal, financial, HR or marketing advice.

Then, this program is for you! 

It’s time to be the profitable, confident, successful business owner you deserve to be.

Stop working nonstop in your business.

Instead, get intimate, one-on-one coaching for a client-based solution to grow your home service business for maximum potential.